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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot

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Dyer Private Pilot Work Book
Dyer Private Pilot Work Book

This book is an essential companion to the FAA's main ground school reference text, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (8083-25A). It contains study questions and exercises designed to help a student better learn and understand the material in the FAA text. With Dyer's Dan Dyer's Ground School Workbook for Private Pilots, a student pilot can:

  • Focus in on key topics in the FAA reading
  • Take apart and master complex topics in aviation
  • Go beyond rote memorization
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the material
  • Have fun in the process!

Whether you are studying on your own or working under the direction of a Certified Flight Instructor, Dan Dyer's Ground School Workbook for Private Pilots will be an essential aid in your mastery of the ground school topics required of all student pilots.

Why was this workbook created?
FAA source materials are comprehensive, but can often be dry or poorly-worded. It is easy for student pilots to get lost in the details. By itself, reading the FAA materials does not provide enough chance to actually use the new information in context or to connect it with prior lessons. As an instructor, Dan Dyer vowed to make the flight training process better for his students. Mr. Dyer decided to create a set of exercises to walk a new student through everything that was needed of a private pilot.

What makes this workbook different from other quizzes or test prep guides?
This is a workbook. It is NOT a quiz booklet. There are a number of quiz books or oral test prep guides available to student pilots. This book is different. The goal of this workbook is to teach. While you won't find any new reference material in this workbook, you will find yourself learning the material better through the use of guiding questions, practice questions, and discussion questions. The goal of every exercise in this workbook is to increase your understanding of the material. Some of the questions are designed to lead you to the correct answer. Some are designed to make you think. Some questions are included specifically to draw your attention to minor points in the FAA text that could otherwise get overlooked. Working through these questions should leave you better informed than when you started. Some of the questions may include humorous answers - anything that helps you learn the material and enjoy the process.

About the Author
Dan Dyer is a flight instructor living and flying in the San Francisco Bay Area, certified in both airplanes and helicopters. After receiving his MBA and having a career in management consulting and software marketing, he left the corporate to focus instead on aviation. Throughout his many careers, he developed a reputation for being a charismatic public speaker, and an effective educator. In one way or another, he has been involved in classroom training and one-on-one instruction for over 20 years.

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