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The Best IFR Hood™
Product Code WDR-001

The Best IFR Hood™

Made in America and designed by a then 11.5 hour CFII for consideration of all CFIs & Pilots.

This is the best deal in all of Aviation. Start with this hood and forget trying all the others. Save your money for other supplies, or try the other hoods, spend a lot of money to learn the Best Hood IS the best! See The Aviation Consumer Magazine, January 1999, Page 7...Voted "the Best"! Some pilots laugh at the Best Hood when they first see it but after they have tried it they laugh at all the others!

And now the THIRD GENERATION Hood is even BETTER!

The BEST IFR HOOD is THE Lightest, Most Comfortable, Usable and Best Priced Instrument Training Visor Available.

It weighs less than one ounce so it can be worn with comfort for long periods of time. Though it looks long, the end is only 3 1/2 inches from the tip of your nose reducing the "tunnel vision" feel of some hoods yet it still keeps students from peeking out and "cheating".

It can be converted into a short sun visor when flying directly into the sun is necessary.

It easily and conveniently folds to fit in your shirt pocket, flight case, knee board or the side pocket in the plane.

The Best Hood
The Best Hood
List Price: $6.95
Price: $5.95
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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Regularly: $59.95


The MyClip
iPad Kneeboard!
Available for all
flying needs, including
the Boeing 737!
MyClip - Austin Flight Check MyClip - Austin Flight Check
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