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Close Calls - Lessons to Live By with Bob Hoover and Wayne Handley

Aviation masters, Bob Hoover and Wayne Handley shares the wisdom gained from more than 50,000 hours of combined flying experience, often in extreme conditions. Each of them share how they survived near-impossible-to-escape inflight emergencies by applying simple safety principles. Taking his wife Colleen for her first aerobatic flight, Bob tells how his Stearman lost power and the only place to land was in an upcoming grove of trees.

Bob explains how he crashed between two trees and used the wings of the biplane to absorb the impact, allowing him and his wife to escape with only minor bruises. Trapped in a lethal box canyon while filming a movie, you'll see the actual "wing-cam: footage of the impact as Wayne shares how he crash-landed on a steep hillside and walked away without a scratch.

Close Calls - Austin Flight Check

"Needless to say, it is thoroughly enjoyable. More importantly, it serves great purpose. There are some valuable lessons to be learned from Hoover and Handley. They've been there; they are masters, so they know of what they speak. Everyone who flies an airplane can benefit from this DVD, although I fervently hope that no one has need to apply the lessons learned."
- Barry Schiff

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Run Time: 92 minutes

Price: $19.95
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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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