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GPS for VFR: A practical GPS guide for VFR pilots

GPS for VFR is a book that provides guidance for VFR pilots on how to get the most out of their GPS systems.

Why was this book written? The adoption of GPS has been so rapid and widespread that traditional teaching and guidance from the FAA and flight schools has been lagging. VFR guidance has been particularly lacking. Pilots have therefore had to rely on the user manual as well as trial and error techniques to learn how to use their new navigation aid. The user manuals concentrate on describing the various features of the units without providing help on how to integrate traditional navigation methods. Consequently, most pilots do not advance beyond the use of the direct or goto mode.

What is Included? A simple and easy to understand section on how the GPS system works is followed by a review of basic navigation terms and how they relate to the new GPS terminology. A thorough description of how to use an HSI is given because most VFR pilots are unfamiliar with them, and because HSIs are common in the newer units. The detailed flight planning section is where the integration of GPS techniques with traditional cross-country procedures are described. An instructive example of a cross-country flight plan is given, along with helpful tips and tricks for en route use. Real-life extracts from the Aviation Safety Reporting System help to consolidate the main theme of the book, which is to use the GPS as a supplement to other navigation methods.

From the seller: Though a bit dated, I believe this book still provides a reasonable primer for the VFR pilot learning GPS basics.

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