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Glass Cockpit Flying

They are certainly less safe than they should be! A recent National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study showed fewer total accidents for glass cockpit aircraft, but a higher fatal accident rate and a higher total of fatal accidents!

Glass cockpit technology offers general aviation pilots the promise of increased levels safety and performance. Why has the promise of greater levels of safety for glass cockpit airplanes not been realized? Because general aviation pilots and training providers have not yet evolved the way they train and fly to catch up with the advances in glass cockpit technology.

Bob Littlefield wrote Glass Cockpit Flying to help remedy this problem by explaining what makes glass cockpit airplanes different, and giving general aviation pilots and training providers the tools and knowledge they need to fly these airplanes safely and efficiently. This book is important to everyone who flies, wants to fly, or instructs in general aviation glass cockpit airplanes.

Bob Littlefield is a former Army helicopter repairman and crew chief.  Now teaching in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bob is qualified as a Cirrus Standardization Instructor and Columbia Factory Instructor teaching both Avidyne and Garmin G-1000 glass panels with more than three-thousand hours in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA).

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