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Lux Pro Aviator LED Flashlight - Red and White Dual Color

LP Aviator Flashlights

Designed for pilots, here's a great alternative to expensive, night-vision LED flashlights. With a similar quality look and feel, the Lux-Pro Aviator features one three-function button switch for red light, white light and off.

A feature pilots will be especially fond of...

  1. First click, you get the red light.
  2. The second click is the white light.
  3. The third click turns it off.

This ideal feature prevents instant blindness when quickly turning on a light. Just be sure to turn it into a closed space when cycling through white then off!

It operates on 3 AAA batteries, conveniently loaded in a removable holder.

Aluminum, O-ring sealed construction, 4 11/16" long.

Available in Black or Silver finish.

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Price: $19.95
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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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