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Qref Checklist - Book Version - Cessna 182 Skylane

Qref Checklists - Quick Reference Media

Get the most accurate, reliable aircraft checklist on the market with a Qref checklist. The procedures cover every aspect of flight, from preflight through takeoff, cruise, landing, and a comprehensive emergencies/abnormals section. Emergencies are arranged by system, meaning no more digging through pages to find the right section. Qref's trademark is creating checklists that are easy for pilots to use.

A major difference in aircraft checklists between Qref and others is the level of experience and expertise that go into every procedure. The Qref team of Master CFIs have over four decades of combined active flight instruction and flying experience at all levels of industry, with instruction and flight time in this aircraft. Further, they have taken advantage of the past 20 years of checklist design research. Qref's team incorporates industry-best practices into these checklists and forthcoming publications. They not only create checklists, they use them in daily instruction and flying.

Qref checklist design features a larger, more readable font, comprehensive procedures sectioned into tabs loaded with useful reference and conversions, and non-glare laminated pages. A complete table of contents makes finding the exact procedure quick.

Find out for yourself why Qref aircraft checklists are fast becoming the Gold Standard in aviation.

Procedures Covered:

  • Normal Procedures
    • Preflight
    • Before Start
    • Start & Hot Start
    • After Start/Run-Up
    • Takeoff/Climb
    • Cruise
    • Descent
    • Before Landing
    • Go-Around
    • After Landing & Shut-down
  • Abnormal and Emergency (Listed item may not apply to every aircraft)
    • Alternator Failure
    • Autopilot or Trim Fail
    • Cabin/Electrical Fire
    • Emergency Landing - w/ & w/o Power
    • Emergency Descent
    • Engine Failure in Flight
    • Engine Fire during Flight
    • Emergency Gear Extension
    • Gear-up Landing
    • Oil Pressure Low
    • Precautionary Landing
    • Propeller Overspeed
    • Spin Recovery


  • Spiral bound
  • Larger, more readable font
  • Complete Table of Contents
  • Indestructable, non-glare 10-mil laminate, UV protected
  • Covders all phases of flight
  • Easy to use and read in flight
  • Overall Size: 8.75" x 4.75" (22.2 cm x 12.0 cm)

Models Available in this Series

R182 RGR18200001-R182020411978-1986
T182T TurboT1828001+2001+
182T G100018281298+2004+
182T Turbo G1000T1828481+2006+
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Price: $23.95
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