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Exceptional Aviation Training Materials & Pilot Supplies!

We have a wide variety of products but are constantly growing and adding new products all the time for flight training, aviation maintenance training and pilot supplies. Our current offerings include ASA, Jeppesen, APR, Rod Machado, Lightspeed, Avcomm, Max Trescott, Gleim, Sky High Gear, John Eckalbar and much more!

As always, there are a number of items which are most sought after by both students and active pilots. Let us help with your every need. If we do not currently have it, make an inquiry. It's more than certain we'll be able to get it. I promise to make prices the best possible and the service as well as if you were my own student.

Introducing Dupont Molykote and DowSil Products!

For every lubrication requirement, DuPont has a solution.

MOLYKOTE® is a trusted partner to help meet the toughest technical design and lubrication challenges. Continual investments in technology and product innovation enable us to meet current needs and anticipate future trends. Our full line of specialty lubricant products ensures we have a solution for nearly every situation.

There is frequent confusion between Dow Corning and DuPont. In 2017, Dow Chemical and DuPont merged. Following this, DuPont split the company into three entities with the Dow Corning products produced under the Dupont brand name and the Dow Sealant products produced under the DowSil brand name. We assure you all products are the same as before with the same manufacturing standards and quality as expected.

Citation X-Plus


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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