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AERO 600 Avionics Cleaner

Pilots, Flight Instructors, Flight & Maintenance Crews:

Now, eliminate fingerprints, streaks, dust, dirt, oils, from your avionics, glass cockpit screens, electronic flight bags, GPS/PDA screens, Laptop, LCD and iPhone screens with this Mil-Spec super concentrated all natural spray cleaner!

AERO-600 is safe for use on Laptop and iPhone screens, LCD, Plasma and Projection TVs. LCD Projection and Plasma screens have a soft membrane in place of glass which can easily be degraded by harsh chemicals. AERO-600 Cleaner protects all your LCD screens and the coatings on glass screens.

Two years of formulating and testing went into the original secret formula for the motion picture and video industry, now available as AERO-600 for the aviation industry. It is non-toxic and completely bio-degradable, manufactured to exacting standards in a small family-owned plant from the highest quality all natural plant-derived materials. AERO-600 is water based and nonflammable. It contains no alcohol, solvents, phosphates, petroleum based, or harsh ingredients and gives off no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber for wiping display surfaces. One bottle typically provides provides 55 cleanings in the average business jet flight deck or 35 cleanings of a 32 inch flat screen TV.

Quantity: 4 ounces. Manufactured in the USA. Meets MILSPEC-PRF-29608.

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