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Federal Aviation Regulations Explained - Airport Edition

Airport operators and tenants have many opportunities and challenges. There are a variety of government funding sources that can improve the safety and economic viability of an airport. However, in return for these funds, airports must give grant assurances, promising not to discriminate among users, making the airfield a fair economic playing field. Federal Aviation Regulations Explained Airport Edition gives readers an in-depth view of the regulatory issues that airport operators and tenants deal with.

This book covers:

  • Part 16 - Rules of Practice for Federally-Assisted Airport Enforcement Proceedings
  • Part 139 - Certification of Airports
  • Part 150 - Airport Noise Compatibility Planning
  • Part 155 - Release of Airport Property from Surplus Property Disposal Restrictions
  • Part 156 - State Block Grant Pilot Program
  • Part 157 - Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation, and Deactivation of Airports
  • Part 158 - Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs)
  • Part 161 - Notice and Approval of Airport Noise and Access Restrictions
  • Part 169 - Expenditure of Federal Funds for Non-military Airports or Air Navigation Facilities Thereon.
  • 49 U.S.C, Chapter 471 Subchapter I often referred to as "the Act"

Intended to increase safety and make common sense of the law, the Federal Aviation Regulations have become so detailed and complex that pilots have fond themselves saying "I know what is says, but what does it mean?".  To help answer the question "what does it mean?" the Federal Aviation Regulations Explained looks at Federal Register Preambles, FAA Advisory Circulars, the Aeronautical Information Manual, Cases, FAA Chief Counsel opinions, and other regulatory background. Federal Aviation Regulations Explained is the only publication that also provides cross references and an index to help pilots see the regulatory "big picture".

Written by Kent Jackson and Lori Edwards. Kent Jackson, one of the most sought after aviation attorneys in the nation, is founder and managing partner in the law firm of Jackson & Wade, L.L.C. His practice focuses on structuring aircraft transactions and a broad range of aviation regulatory advice. He assists clients in establishing appropriate operating structures for Part 91, Part 135, Part 375, Part 380 and complex hybrid operations. He has assisted clients in obtaining Part 135, Part 125 and Part 380 authority. He has represented companies and individuals in DOT, CBP and FAA enforcement proceedings and IRS excise tax audits. Mr. Jackson's clients include corporate jet owners, lessors, investment banks, manufacturers and government agencies.

Last Revised April 2009, 568 Pages.

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New Jeppesen Number: 10001931
ISBN: 9780884875291

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