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How to Do Everything - iPad 2

Maximize the power of your iPad 2!

The iPad is becoming an integral part of the cockpit placed in use from the Sport Pilot to now a standard issue for air carrier pilots. In late 2011, the iPad was authorized for use by both American Airlines and United Airlines as an "Electronic Flight Bag" (EFB) combined with Jeppesen software. If you don't know the iPad, it should become an imiportant area of your preparing for a professional career. Or, if you're a private pilot wishing to expand resources to include charts, weather and more, start by becoming intimate with the iPad platform. This book starts the process!

Master all the versatile and fun features of your iPad 2 using this hands-on guide. With coverage of both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models, How to Do Everything: iPad 2 shows you how to configure settings, access the Internet, use Mail and Safari, and download music, movies, TV shows, ebooks, apps, games, and more. You'll get tips for taking photos and video with the camera, using FaceTime for video chatting, navigating with GPS, and connecting to social networks. This easy-to-follow book covers it all!

  • Set up, customize, sync, and back up your iPad 2
  • Choose a data plan for your iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G
  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks and access the web
  • Configure Mail and integrate with various email accounts
  • Download and read books from the iBookstore
  • Stay connected with social networks
  • Find and download apps and games from the App Store
  • Video chat using FaceTime
  • Take, view, manage, and share photos and video
  • Download music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks from the iTunes Store
  • Manage your contacts and schedule and keep notes
  • Navigate with Maps
  • Use the accessibility features, including VoiceOver and Zoom
  • Secure and troubleshoot your iPad 2

Table of contents:

  • Part I: Introduction to the iPad 2
    • 1. Set Up and Discover Your iPad 2
    • 2. iPad 2 Basics
  • Part II: Internet and Email
    • 3. Safari
    • 4. Communicate with Mail
  • Part III: News and Entertainment
    • 5. Go Digital with iBooks
    • 6. Read News and Commentary, and Use Social Networks
    • 7. Get and Use Apps from the App Store, and Incorporate Game Center
    • 8. Use Your iPod App
    • 9. Shop the iTunes Store
  • Part IV: Photos and Video
    • 10. Take, View, Obtain, Manage, and Share Photos
    • 11. Take, View, Obtain, Manage, and Share Videos
  • Part V: Productivity
    • 12. Manage Contacts
    • 13. Manage Your Schedule
    • 14. Use Maps
    • 15. Use Notes
    • Part VI: Accessibility and Security
    • 16. Accessibility
    • 17. Security
  • Part VII: Appendixes
    • Appendix A. Settings
    • Appendix B. Troubleshooting
  • Index

About the Author:

Joli Ballew is a technical writer, technology trainer, and self-proclaimed gadget guru. She is the bestselling author of more than 40 computer books, including How to Do Everything: iPad, How to Do Everything: BlackBerry Storm2, How to Do Everything: Network, andDegunking Windows 7.

Softcover, 384 pages.

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