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Instrument Flight Review

A new shortcut to IFR Review! This incredible organization of IFR rules, regs, flight planning, tips and information will keep you flying current, safe and legal!

This is not another boring IFR rules and regulations book! The Instrument Flight Review is an easy stimulating way to freshen up on instrument flying and pass an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

The neat flash card like presentation of FAR Parts 91 and 61 makes the IFR rules review simple and interesting. The IFR clearances and communications are presented in a clear concise manner with examples and explanations.

Actual instrument flying is reviewed with the basics of attitude instrument flight along with instrument interpretation, cross-check and partial panel procedures. IFR flight maneuvers are fully illustrated along with step-by-step procedures and helpful operational tips.

IFR flight planning checklists are included along with a question and answer review of IFR charts and approach plates. Weather reports and forecasts are decoded along with a summary of GPS information.

This is a handy IFR reference book you can use on every flight for the checklists flight planning and weather information alone. The durable plastic bound book is convenient and compact.

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ISBN: 9780963197313
Size: 6" x 4"

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