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Instrument Flying: By the Numbers - Video

This video is about the hands-on, stick and rudder basics of flying on instruments.

  • This is a 46 minute cockpit video shot in a Beech A36 Bonanza as the author demonstrates the power settings, pitch attitudes and aircraft configurations that work so well to add simplicity and precision to handling an airplane on instruments.
  • A thorough ground school covering the whys and wherefores of the "by the numbers" technique.
  • The video provides in-flight demonstrations to answer questions like:
    • What pitch attitude should you use on a missed approach?
    • What power setting works best on an ILS?
    • When should you drop the gear on approach?
    • What's the best way to arrest your descent at the MDA?

"I have shown this method to over eighty Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Program participants and all have adopted it immediately."; Bill Hale, BPPP instructor, board member

"How could one not be impressed with...the rationality of John's "Flying by the Numbers," which has caused a total change in my approach to flying the Bonanza." V. Bryan Medlock, ABS Newsletter

46 minute DVD

John C. Eckalbar is an airline transport pilot and instrument flight instructor for single and multiengine airplanes.  He has been a pilot for ExecutiveJet and has flown in the Federal Express feeder system.  He has been an active FAR Part 135 charter pilot with air taxi and cargo experience in a wide range of general aviation airplanes, from Skylanes, 210s, and Bonanzas to Barons, 400 series Cessnas, Caravans, King Airs, and Citations.  At one time or another he has owned a Grumman American TR-2, three Bonanzas, an E55 Baron, and a Piper Seneca II.

John is one of the original ground and flight instructors in the American Bonanza Society's highly regarded Bonanza and Baron Pilot Proficiency Programs, and he is a co-author of the manuals for those classes. He is also the author of numerous articles in general aviation magazines. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado and is a Professor in the California State University system. He has published many articles on mathematics for economists and been the principal investigator on a National Science Foundation research project on dynamics and stability.

Other publications by John Eckalbar:

  • IFR: A Structured Approach
  • Flying the Beech Bonanza
  • Instrument Flying Update
  • Flying High Performance Singles & Twins
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