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Max Trescott's G-1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook - 5th Edition

Max Trescott
2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year

Max Trescott's
G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook
5th Edition

"Reading this book is like having a seasoned flight instructor sitting right beside you..."
 â€” Rod Machado, Flight Instructor, Author and National Aviation Safety Counselor

The Fifth Edition of Max Trescott's G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook includes dozens of new tips and features for G1000 and Perspective glass cockpits, including Cirrus SR20 and SR22 Aircraft. Chapter 11 on Instrument Flying was completely rewritten to make it easier for pilots to understand the many nuances of using the G1000 and Perspective for instrument flight. A rewritten autopilot chapter covers the KAP 140 and all three versions of the Garmin GFC700 integrated autopilot, vertical navigation, and vertical flight plans.

There is a revolution sweeping through general aviation. In just a few years, the industry has converted to ship all new aircraft with glass cockpits, rather than traditional instrument panels. The most popular and comprehensive guide to operating these airplanes continues to be Max Trescott's G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook.

This book makes it easy for you to quickly become an expert on operating and programming the G1000 and Perspective systems in any aircraft. Instructors agree that the cockpit is not an ideal learning environment. Reading this book, written by a Master Flight Instructor, is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to learn the G1000 or Perspective before stepping into the cockpit for your first transition lesson.

Max Trescott, the 2008 National Flight Instructor of the Year, takes a narrative approach to explaining the G1000 and Perspective in ways that both beginners and experts can understand. Not only is every system feature explained, but information on when and why you'd use a particular function are also included. The book is loaded with illustrations and "tips" gleaned from leading glass cockpit instructors around the country.

Learn about all G1000 and Perspective features & differences Get the single source of information that educates pilots about all of the features and benefits of flying the G1000, and how features vary among aircraft manufacturers. Whether you fly a Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Columbia, Diamond, King Air, Kodiak, Mooney, Piper, Phenom, or Socata TBM 850, you'll learn which G1000 or Perspective features apply to your particular aircraft. Or, if you're flying a Very Light Jet (VLJ) like the Cessna Mustang or Diamond D-Jet, this book will help you prepare for your type rating and recurrent training.

You'll learn about the PFD and MFD displays, audio panel, programming the GPS, electrical systems, using the autopilot and dealing with emergencies. A detailed discussion of instrument approaches, integrated with use of the autopilot, will help you become a pro. Advanced features, optional in some aircraft, such as TIS and TAS traffic monitoring systems, Stormscopes, and Terrain AwarenessWarning Systems (TAWS) are discussed in detail. You'll also learn to use all of the data link weather features, like NEXRAD radar, satellite images, freezing level, winds aloft, AIRMETs, SIGMETS,TFRs,and METARs available through XM Satellite weather. Someday, all planes will be flown this way and with Max Trescott's G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook, you can learn how to fly them today.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Book:

  1. How to use Garmin's new Synthetic Vision Technology.
  2. Benefits of the G1000 and Perspective and how they enhance safety.
  3. How flight instruments are portrayed on the Primary Flight Display (PFD).
  4. Which softkeys make it faster and easier for you to program a flight plan into the GPS.
  5. The big differences between the Direct-to key and using a flight plan.
  6. How to use data link weather information in the cockpit.
  7. How improved electrical systems and annunciators enhance safety.
  8. How to conduct an entire trip in a G1 ODO-equipped aircraft and in a Cirrus SR22T Perspective.
  9. How to use the autopilot-in all of its modes-· in plain, simple English.
  10. How to fly an instrument approach including use of the autopilot.
  11. When to load versus to activate an instrument approach.
  12. How you can identify intruder aircraft and higher surrounding terrain and obstacles.
  13. How G1000 features and engine instrumentation vary among aircraft manufacturers.
  14. How to use WAAS to fly LPV, LNAVNNAV and LNAV instrument approaches.
  15. What software features are found only in the Perspective or in VLJs like the Cessna Mustang.

Softcover, 312 pages, Illustrated with 56 color images and 300 computer screen shots, glossary and index.

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