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Telex Stratus 30XT Active Noise Reduction Aviation Headset - PRD000011100

Telex Stratus 30XT ANR Headset

The Stratus 30XT Headset provides excellent ANR noise reduction. ComfortCam, advanced power management, and audio device adaptors for the best headset in the median price range. Deluxe carrying case included. Five year manufacturer's warranty.

The Telex FlexPower system allows you to use standard or rechargeable batteries, or the aircraft electrical panel to power your headset (adapter included). Exclusive power management system ensures more than 50 hours of battery life - one of the longest on the market. The Stratus 30XT has Telex's exclusive built-in audio interface that allows you to connect both your cell phone and MP3 7player and mute both devices with one easy on/off switch. Boom microphone enables precise adjustment and features noise-canceling electret for clearest transmission.

The new Stratus 30XT power management system allows you to power the headset from the aircraft panel, standard alkaline batteries, or rechargeable batteries. The Telex Stratus 30XT Headset offers a built-in battery recharger that recharges when plugged into a wall socket, the aircraft's panel power or even your car's 12-volt power outlet. The Stratus 30XT headset automatically senses the type of battery you've inserted so you can't make a mistake. Telex's exclusive microprocessor-control battery management system ensures more than 50 hours of battery life — one of the longest on the market.

Customize your headset for a comfortable fit

Telex's patented ComfortCam™ system allows you to fine tune headband tension to eliminate clamping. Comfort is enhanced by a unique headband construction that distributes weight evenly for a perfect fit, plus thick foam headband pad and newly designed, more comfortable cushions.

Audio device management made simple

Also included is Telex's innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter which allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time no more switching cords! Plus you can mute both devices with the flick of a switch.

Total Noise Reduction
30 dB ANR protection.

Flexible Power Management System
Use standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries with a built-in battery recharger. Recharger works off the aircraft's panel power or any 12-volt power outline. Automatically senses battery type. Battery box power indicator shows you when the unit is on or off, when the battery power is low, when it's recharging - it even indicates the power status of your cell phone and or other accessories plugged into the headset.

Battery Management System
Ensures more than 50 hours of battery life- one of the longest on the market.

Auto Shut Off
Automatically senses when the headset is not in use and powers down to conserve batteries.

Customize Your Headset for a Comfortable Fit
Telex's patented ComfortCam™ system allows you to adjust your headset for a custom fit. ComfortCam eliminates clamping, no matter how long you wear the headset.

Cell Phone/Audio Adaptor
Unique dual cell phone/audio device interface. No more switching cords! Plus you can mute both devices at the flick of a switch.

Advanced Microphone Technology
The Stratus 30XT features a high-quality, noise-canceling electret microphone to ensure the clearest possible transmission.

Low Profile, Adjustable Headband
Low profile headband provides even distribution of weight without pressure points. Detented sliders adjust the headband for a custom fit. Plus our plush, soft headband cushion helps to eliminate hot spots.

Impact-Resistant Headband Design
You don't need to sacrifice comfort for durability. The Stratus 30XT utilizes impact-resistant headband design with stainless steel reinforced stress points for durability and light weight.

Seal Out Sound. Seal In Comfort.
New heat-sensitive, slow-recovery foam earpiece cushions form a secure, but comfortable fit - even around sun glasses. Created from a unique material, our cushions have the luxurious feel of lambskin leather but are much easier to keep clean.

Total Control Means Superior Sound
Dual volume controls allow you to adjust each speaker for your unique hearing needs. Switchable stereo and mono controls ensure the best possible signal.

Boom Microphone
Enables smooth, precise adjustment. Easy converts to a left or right side orientation - exactly position the microphone for superior transmission clarity and it stays there.

Flight Bag
Stylish, durable flight bag protects your investment.

18 oz./ 510 grams
Price: $599.99
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