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ASA Private Pilot eKit

ASA eKits provide the trusted, time-tested ground school books in an eBook format, supported with the pilot supplies a student pilot needs to complete training - all at an exceptional value. The Private Pilot eKit provides all the content you need to meet the aeronautical knowledge requirements, and is the perfect training solution for both instructors and students seeking a digital solution.

For students taking flight training courses at a smaller flight school or through a freelance instructor, thisPrivate Pilot eKit includes everything they'll need, packaged in a single box! The Complete Private Pilot by Bob Gardner is the primary textbook and syllabus for this eKit, and the top-selling ASA FAR/AIM and Private Pilot Test Prep books are also included to assist in preparing for the FAA Knowledge Exam. The Practical Test Standards, and Private Oral Exam Guide, help take students through their Oral and Practical exams. Also in the box is a fiberboard E6-B flight computer and Square Chart Plotter for flight planning, and a Standard Pilot Logbook for keeping track of flight time.

ASA student kits bring pilot training to a new level, providing one-stop-shopping for the student and instructor. Personalized student kits for schools are always available through ASA's Personalized Aviation Custom Kits (PACKs) program, and we are happy to work with schools to develop customized kits to meet their specific training needs.

The ASA Private Pilot eKit features:


  • The Complete Private Pilot textbook by Bob Gardner
  • The Complete Private Pilot syllabus and stage exams
  • Private Pilot Test Prep book
  • ASA FAR/AIM Book
  • Private Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes
  • Practical Test Standards for Private Pilot (Single Engine Land)

Redeem codes are included in the box for easy access and download of the eBooks below for use on a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.

Pilot Supplies:

  • Fiberboard E6-B flight computer
  • Square Chart Plotter
  • Standard Pilot Logbook

Notes on Compatibility:

  • This ASA eBook requires Adobeᆴ Digital Editions, which is available as a FREE Download, to be installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

  • Adobe Digital Editions is NOT yet fully supported on Mac OSX Lion, however, Adobe has a Beta version available that may work for you. Click HERE for more information.

  • ASA eBooks can be installed on up to 5 devices simultaneously, and read on a range of digital devices including the Apple iPhoneᆴ, iPadᆴ, iPod Touchᆴ, and Androidᆴ smartphones/tablets as well as PC and Mac computers.

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