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Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines by Doug Morris & Scott Dennstaedt

This book is expected to surpass many of the best aviation weather books ever written to include those by Peter Lester, Robert Buck and Richard Collins. The authors deal with the most recent discoveries in weather phenomena as well as weather services data from which to glean more information for the safety of flight and the comfort of passengers.

Welcome to the first edition of Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines. It includes 400 pages, over 400 diagrams and pictures plus a 550-entry glossary. This book consists of 33 chapters on the A to Z of aviation weather. Not only does it dwell on the theory of meteorology, but includes numerous chapters explaining the details of how to critically decipher many important aviation weather reports and forecasts. Pilot Weather caters to all pilots ... from your first solo to flying for the airlines. Whether you are looking to have a career in aviation or just to poke holes in the sky as a private pilot, this book will not only help you pass those exams, but, more importantly, teach you how to minimize your exposure to adverse weather.

Scott knows Aviation Weather!

Scott holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and has been an FAA-certificated flight instructor (CFI) for over 20 years. Out of college he was employed by the National Weather Service as a research meteorologist while living in Maryland. He then received his Master’s degree in Computer Science and stepped out of the weather business for about 15 years to pursue a career in software engineering at various aerospace companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Northrop Grumman where he wrote and tested software for air traffic control systems, air defense systems and he even helped to build a Level D flight simulator for a Beech 1900D.

In the late 1990s, Scott left Northrop Grumman as a fellow engineer to become a full-time flight instructor where he was able to marry up his meteorology training and experience with his new love for aviation. Consequently, in 2003 he founded Aviation Weather Workshops that is designed to teach pilots at all experience levels how to minimize their exposure to adverse weather. Scott built a ton of online content he distributes on his subscription-based website (

In the fall of 2017, Scott joined forces with another CFI to build a companion app called WeatherSpork ( that provides a groundbreaking approach to deliver preflight weather to pilots making it very easy to find the most opportune time to depart. Over the past 20 years, Scott has written over 150 articles that have been published in various aviation magazines to include IFR, IFR Refresher, Flying, Plane & Pilot, Twin & Turbine, Contrails, and Pilot Journal, just to name a few. Scott now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is working part-time to finish his Ph.D. in Infrastructures and Environmental Systems at the University of North Carolina.

Additionally, you'll often find Scott active on many pilot web boards and aviation weather sites sharing his knowledge with others.


Doug is a new (no, not young) Boeing 787 captain who has amassed over 23,000 hours of flight time. To put this in perspective for those starting off in the industry, this would be equivalent to driving from Toronto to Montreal and back again… daily… for nearly six years! Doug did most of his initial training and flight-hour accumulation on Canada’s east coast, where weather is a major player in flight operations. He has experienced a huge range of weather phenomena not only on the temperamental eastern seaboard, but all over North America. He also has ten years’ experience flying internationally. He has contended with Pacific typhoons, ferocious jet streams over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, space weather over the North Pole, wicked crosswinds at London Heathrow Airport, and low visibility approaches flying into smog-prone New Delhi, India.

Part of his career also saw Doug venture into meteorology when things were lean in the aviation world. A certified meteorologist, he worked for Atmospheric Environment Canada for four years as a forecaster―again, most of it on the east coast.

Doug taught weather to aspiring student pilots for years at schools out east; more recently, he has been offering weather courses at the Brampton Flight Center and Seneca College in Ontario and really to anyone who wants to listen. Many a new Air Canada hire has received a weather refresher from Doug!

Doug has been writing the aviation page for Air Canada’s in-flight magazine, enRoute, for seventeen years - and counting. He’s been published in Wings, Canadian Aviator, and Weatherwise magazines, as well as in various newspapers and other publications. His best-selling book, From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science describes a virtual flight from Toronto to Hong Kong on the Airbus 340, explaining the many aspects of aviation along the way. To date, it has sold over 12,000 copies!

More recently, Doug has added aviation talks to his growing resume. He travels the country delivering presentations on weather, aviation safety, and flying in general. Doug now resides in downtown Toronto overlooking the Billy Bishop Airport.

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