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Product Code WX-MAP
Flying the Weather Map

Since change is the only sure thing about weather, these anecdotes provide valuable learning experiences in weather interpretation, as well as fascinating reading.

by Richard Collins

List Price: $19.95
Product Code TS-AIR
Thunderstorms and Airplanes
Much research is done on the subject of thunderstorms, usually resulting in an admonition to stay out of storms. But staying out of trouble takes more than a resolve ラ it takes savvy.
by Richard Collins
List Price: $19.95
Product Code TA136103
Aviation Weather Handbook
Fly safely in all weather conditions as you master the flying skills and strategies of expert aviators.
List Price: $51.95
Product Code PILOTWX1
Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines by Doug Morris & Scott Dennstaedt

This book is expected to surpass many of the best aviation weather books ever written to include those by Peter Lester, Robert Buck and Richard Collins. The authors deal with the most recent discoveries in weather phenomena as well as weather services data from which to glean more information for the safety of flight and the comfort of passengers.

List Price: $79.95
Product Code IFR-VFR
IFR for VFR Pilots
In this landmark book, Taylor provides VFR pilots with an emergency reserve of basic IFR capability.
by Richard Taylor
List Price: $19.95
Product Code FAW
Flying America's Weather
Pilot, author, and AOPA Pilot contributing editor Tom Horne, explains the climates and weather phenomenon that can be found in every region of the U.S., in every season.
by Thomas Horne
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-SWF-4
ASA Severe Weather Flying - 4th Edition - By Dennis Newton

Describes how to anticipate hazardous weather conditions, avoid them in flight, and get out of them when encountered.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-ATC-WX
ATC and Weather: Mastering the Systems
In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage.
by Richard Collins
List Price: $19.95
Product Code AC0045G2
FAA Aviation Weather Services - AC00-45G, Change 2
Includes information in all areas of weather reports, forecasts and analysis, with details on the TAF/METAR system
Advisory Circular 00-45G, Change 2 (2014)
List Price: $24.95
Product Code 9780070087613
Weather Flying - 4th Edition
Weather Flying is regarded in the industry as the bible of weather flying
by Robert Buck
List Price: $29.95
Product Code 10002280
Jeppesen METAR|TAF Video (DVD)
METAR/TAF shows you how to interpret current and forecast weather and includes a 24-page supplement.
List Price: $15.95
Product Code 10001850
Jeppesen Aviation Weather Textbook | 4th Edition
This award-winning textbook is extensively updated with the latest METAR, TAF and Graphic Weather Products.
by Peter Lester
List Price: $70.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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