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Andy's Airplanes: Andy Meets the Blue Angels (DVD)

This truly fun and educational video has such amazing animation, we had to ask if some of the footage was real. Get ready to soar with pint-sized adventure boy, Andy, star of the run-away hit show Andy's Airplanes! This 30 minute, brand new, children's aviation show is perfect for the junior pilot in your life, and you'll love it too!

Andy and Yaygrr (Andy's pet ferret) land their F-18 on an aircraft carrier, meet the Admiral, and get a tour of the ship. Andy also meets Angel Gray on the aircraft carrier, who is quite an accomplished pilot herself, and surprises him with her flying skills. Andy and Angel teach us about the amazing world of naval tradition and airmanship and accept when offered the chance to fly with the legendary Blue Angels.

Each episode draws to a close with real kids in a live action segment. Episode one explores the distinguished aircraft carrier the USS Midway. Kids are Andy's biggest fans, but parents and educators love him too. Through safe and uplifting content, each episode features the scientific and technological features of a particular aircraft as well as science, technology, history, geography, and world culture.

Episode 1: F-18 Hornet and the Blue Angels,
Run Time: 30 minutes

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Price: $14.95
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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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