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Blockalls View Limiting Device

Blockalls - View Limiting Device 

A new IFR View Limiting Device that simulates the true realism of IMC more comfortably and accurately than the old bulky, heavy glasses and hoods from the past.

 "Just because you're training, doesn't mean you cannot do it in style and comfort."
- Recommended by AOPA / Flight Training Magazine.


Designed by pilots for pilots! Blockalls have finally resolved the limitations of other view limiting devices. Assembled with a soft silicone nose piece, streamlined temple tips and weighing less than one ounce, they're so light you'll forget you're wearing them.

In addition to the enhanced fit and comfort, the streamlined ear pieces make sliding your Blockalls on and off while wearing your headset effortless.

Blockalls have a soft opaque finish that blocks out distracting sunlight and are the only IFR view limiting device designed exclusively with an off-centered patent pending clear viewing area that helps the pilot's eyes stay focused only on the instrument panel with minimal outside distraction.

Different Blockalls versions are made with distinct applications:

  • Blockalls "Pilot in Command" or PIC are specifically made for the left seat pilot in command. The lenses are designed to limit view to the left and expand the view to the right across the right side of the panel. This is especially important in glass panel aircraft. The lenses are intentionally designed to be smaller on the left and larger on the right.

  • Blockalls II for Instrument Instructors or second in command: The new Blockalls ii, is specifically designed for the right seat pilot. The lens sizes are the reverse of the PIC model.

  • The Blockalls "Helo" for helicopter pilots finally provides a view limiting device designed solely for them. Our Blockalls Helos are the most restrictive IFR View limiting device on the market, greatly eliminating the view out of both the left and right side enhancing only the view of the center panel. They were designed specifically with the center console instrument panel in mind which is prevalent in training helicopters.


  • Modern, updated sleek design.

  • Block sunlight. (no more watery eyes).

  • Lightweight ( weigh under 1 oz. )

  • Comfortable rubber nose piece & streamlined temple tips incorporated into design.

  • Temple tips slide through headset seal eliminating need to remove your headset first.

Disclaimer: This product is not designed or intended to be used in single pilot operations. Please insure you have an appropriately rated safety pilot or flight instructor when using Blockalls or any view limiting device.

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