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Flight Hoody - View-Limiting Device

Hoody® was designed by instrument flight instructors and used extensively in the instrument training environment. Responses to Hoody's® ease of use were not just limited to our students.

Hoody® was sent to DPEs designated pilot examiners, other flight instructors, and even the FAA to get their response. The consensus across the board was that the Hoody® is very comfortable and easy to use, stores easily in your flight bag and allows a complete view of even the most complex and modern instrument panels. Those who wear bifocals and glasses found that when comparing Hoody® to other competitive products on the market it was superior in ease of use and restricting visibility outside the cockpit.

The Hoody® can be used with most baseball caps. The Hoody® can be adjusted fore and aft on the bill of the cap to limit the view of the outside world. Be sure that you have a competent safety pilot before using Hoody® in flight and be sure to review the Federal Aviation Regulations that are pertinent to the use of view limiting devices in flight.

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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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