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Blue Water Ditching

Blue Water Ditching - A MUST READ For Professional Aviators

Each and every pilot and flight attendant who have read Blue Water Ditching by Captain Dave Montgomery walk away with five items they have never thought about before.

With more than 2,700 blue water and polar crossing flights a day, there has never been a higher need for air crews to be prepared for a possible disaster. When a catastrophic aircraft failure occurs over water, there is just no time to plan out the next steps. In order to successfully turn a potential tragedy into a success story, the air crew must already have a strategy in place.

While the chances of this type of disaster occurring have dramatically decreased in recent years, all ocean-crossing air crews still face the possibility of a blue water ditching. In an age where professional air crews are required to have extraordinarily high levels of knowledge in numerous specialized fields of aviation techniques, rules, regulations, and operation procedures, regrettably few are trained in how to prepare for and properly execute a ditching. While all crew members are taught how to handle electrical malfunctions, engine failure, and how to exit an aircraft in case of a water landing, the sad truth remains that the actual preparation for and execution of a ditching has very rarely been trained from beginning to end.

However, Captain Dave Montgomeryメs revolutionary new guide, Blue Water Ditching: Training Professional Crewmembers for the Unthinkable Disaster, aims to change all that by filling the vacuum that previously existed in this area of emergency management. By placing all of the pertinent data about blue water ditching into the hands of crew members and addressing the fears, questions, job assignments, and preparations, Captain Montgomeryメs guide is suitable for pilots and crews of all experience levels.

With firsthand accounts, facts, figures, recommendations, checklists, procedures, and techniques, Blue Water Ditching is the first of its kind to prepare crew members from preflight planning to emergency touchdown. Advances in modern aircraft have greatly decreased the chances of this type of disaster over the past seventy years. While the odds are remote, the air crew is the last line of defense when the disaster occurs. No pilot is too old or too experienced to learn a new lesson. With the information in Montgomeryメs guide, every air crew can be properly trained in order to turn tragedy into triumph they ever be confronted with the necessity of making a ditching.

The Blue Water Ditching Pop Quiz:

It is a simple question...

What are the two most important things to do if you have complete engine failure in a non-radar environment?

This applies to all aircraft... single engine, twin engine, seven engines... it just does not matter. Yes there are dozens of things to accomplish: secure engines, descend at correct speed, blah, blah, blah. These steps take five seconds but can save your life!

These steps are not normally thought of and I bet are not in your 'ditching checklist'. Probably not even on 'all engine failure checklist', because they normally happen automatically after the crash.

Answer: (1) ELT - On, and (2) MODE C to 7700.

Now why are these so important? Sattelites orbit the earth every 100 minutes. Multiple 406MHz hits and everyone is focusing on YOU! And 7700 because all navies of the world monitor it and who better to start looking at you than a navy ship?

Buy the book for more great information!

About the Author:

Captain Dave Montgomery has thirty two years of professional flying experience, with over 8,500 flight hours he has transitioned seventy countries.

In 1981, he joined the United States Air Force after spending his early life as a firefighter and police officer. In 1991 while serving the US Special Operations Command, he was one of three pilots for the operational testing and evaluation of the Lake Seawolf Aircraft. It was during these tests that he gained his valuable takeoff and landing experience in a myriad of offshore conditions while operating the Lake Seawolf aircraft. He is among an extremely small percentage of aviators who intimately know what a pilot can expect when landing offshore.

During his USAF career he also served as a liaison to the Civil Air Patrol where he learned the ins and outs of the North American search and rescue system.

After researching this book for four years , he has compiled many techniques, procedures, facts, figures, and recommendations into a single guide to prepare a pilot for a possible ditching. Montgomery retired from the Air Force in 2005 with twenty-four years of service and currently pilots for NetJets, the world's largest corporate flight department. He lives near Seattle with his world adventurer wife and two gifted and beautiful children.

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