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Dream Aircraft

Join Barry Schiff on an amazing journey across time and space as he flies and brings home reports on some of aviation's most rare and popular aircraft. Dream Aircraft documents his lifelong voyage flying aircraft that pilots and aviation enthusiasts dream of flying. Some of these aircraft are so rare that most pilots have never even seen one, let alone had a chance to fly them.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different aircraft as the author describes the unique aspects and performance characteristics: exactly how it feels to be behind the control wheel (or stick, as it may be). The book is dripping with detail and gorgeous images that will immerse the reader in an experience like no other. From the nostalgia of the Spirit of St. Louis, to the popular WWII fighter P-51 Mustang, to the exciting Lockheed U-2, this book is the whoメs who and how-to on some of the most remarkable aircraft ever developed.

List of featured aircraft:

  • Culver Cadet
  • Fairchild 22
  • Spirit of St.Louis
  • Lincoln PT-K
  • Aeronca 7AC Champion
  • Helio Courier Mark II
  • Interstate S-1B2 Arctic Tern
  • Goodyear Blimp
  • McCulloch J-2 Gyrocopter
  • The Orbiter (Space Shuttle)
  • Transavia PL-12U Airtruk
  • Champion 402 Lancer
  • Antonov AN-2
  • Siai Marchetti SF.260
  • IAI Arava 201
  • Saab Safari
  • Lockheed U-2 "Dragon Lady"
  • Beech T-34 Mentor
  • Dehavilland Chipmunk
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Martin 404
  • Grumman G-44 Widgeon
  • Lake LA-4 Amphibian
  • Sikorsky S-38 Amphibion
  • Piper Comanche 600
  • Anderson Greenwood AG-14
  • Beriev Be-103
  • Curtiss Wright CW-1 Junior
  • Aeromot Super Ximango Motorglider
  • SIPA Minijet
  • Lockheed 12A Electra Junior
  • P-51 Mustang
  • Ryan PT-22 Recruit
  • Special Treats:
    • Around the World in a Boeing 707
    • Sentimental Journey

Barry Schiff's expertise in and passion for aircraft have made him one of the most sought-after aviation journalists in the world. He has amassed more than 26,000 hours in over 300 types of aircraft and received worldwide recognition for his wide-ranging accomplishments. During his 34-year career with Trans World Airlines (TWA) he flew everything from the Lockheed Constellation to the Boeing 747. He remains active in the aviation community as a vigorous advocate for general aviation and one of the most respected authorities on pilot proficiency, human factors education, and aviation safety.

Barry's profound gift for storytelling and universal appeal are apparent more than ever in this beautifully woven tale of discovery. Dream Aircraft is an extraordinary work that aviation enthusiasts will treasure for years to come.

Soft cover, 7-1/4" x 9", 328 pages.

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