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Flying Tigress

In her own lyrically beautiful and amusingly blunt words, Norah brings to life a stranger-than-fiction story of the adventurous path she took to the traditionally male domain of jet airliner cockpits. Wanting only a fair shot at the ultimate career in aviation, the tall, attractive redhead encountered both harsh resistance and touching support as she broke the gender barrier in an environment--and an era--when political correctness was still years away.

As a female aviator with a passionate love for flying, Norah found herself in the undesirable role of a 'lightning rod' for heated opinions. Because of the groundbreaking nature of her employment, she bore an inordinate amount of scrutiny and notoriety...not all of it pleasant.

Her happiest times were in the easy camaraderie that exists between crewmembers whose home is the sky, for whom there is no greater adventure or profession than international travel with one's own hands wrapped eagerly around the controls of a wide body jet. O'Neill's persistence and ability to do the job eventually won over her skeptics, clearing the way for like-minded women who followed.

She pulls no punches on either her tormentors or herself, relating with humor and candor the uplifting, bizarre and even devastating experiences that were all a part of her colorful and unconventional life. Norah O'Neill is as skilled a writer as she is a pilot, bringing the reader along on a breathtaking ride through hellish lows, exhilarating highs and astonishing adventures.

"Flying Tigress" is grandly entertaining; it captures the interest of male and female aviation enthusiasts alike. It also opens a window of understanding that shows men and women as both vulnerable and strong, deeply loving and humanly imperfect--with the inevitable conclusion that we're not really so different after all.
- Captain Jean E. Harper

Norah O'Neill, born in Seattle, was a commercial pilot for thirty years, first in the Alaskan bush and then with the airlines Flying Tigers and Federal Express. She was the first woman pilot for Flying Tigers, the seventh woman airline pilot hired in the United States. She was the first woman in the world to pilot the DC-8 and to fly passengers on the B-747. She was the first woman airline pilot to land in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. Norah was one of the founders of the International Society of Woman Airline Pilots in 1978. She served as vice president of that society for two years and as historian for twenty years.

Norah gave her first career day talk to high school students in 1974. She has continued to promote careers for women in aviation as a speaker to elementary, high school and college students and at aviation conferences. She has appeared on Good Morning America and has been interviewed on radio. Articles about her have been included in six aviation books, in numerous newspapers and in magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Us. A life-size mannequin of her is displayed at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Norah was a contributing writer for the book Tiger Tales: An Anecdotal History of the Flying Tiger Line by LeVerne J. Moldrem; Flying M Press, 1996. A chapter of the Flying Tigress manuscript appeared in the quarterly magazine of the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

Norah is an active member of the International Society of Woman Airline Pilots, Women in Aviation, the Airline Pilots Association, the Flying Tiger Retired Pilots' Association, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Planned Parenthood, and the Pacific NW Writersメ Association.

Norah was a navy brat and attended fifteen different schools before graduating from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace in San Diego. She was a finalist in the National Council of Teachers of English contest. She majored in journalism at University of California at Santa Barbara and San Diego State University. She holds a BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Norah is the mother of a son and a daughter and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently writing a novel.

Autobiograhy, Softcover, 327 pages.

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