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Jeppesen Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records

An essential for any maintenance technician, aircraft owners, operators, and pilots, this book acts as not only a reference but also as a tech manual and textbook - all rolled into one. Completely rewritten, this fourth edition is loaded with photos, checklists and concrete maintenance entries. Four new additional chapters incorporate many updated topics such as airworthiness determination inspection and maintenance documentation and record entries, and PIC airworthiness checks and responsibilities.

Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records is written primarily for students that are training to become aviation maintenance technicians (AMT), as well as being an invaluable resource for pilots and aircraft owners.

Accurate inspection and maintenance record documentation is critical from a legal standpoint, and ensures safe operations.; It's also a critical aspect of retaining the marketability and re-sale value of any aircraft.

Topics include:

  • Who is responsible for, and has the authority to perform aircraft inspection and maintenance record entries
  • Documentation required to constitute an airworthy aircraft
  • Format type and information required for inspection and maintenance record entries
  • Airworthiness inspection requirements for US registered civil aircraft
  • Process of an airworthiness inspection
  • Pilot-in-command airworthiness checks
  • Recording major alternations and repairs

Includes an appendix containing reprints of useful FAA Regulations and Advisory Circulars regarding aircraft maintenance activities.

  • 14 CFR Parts 42 and 91 excerpts
  • A.C. 43.9C - Maintenance Records
  • A.C. 43.9-1E - Instructions for Completion of FAA Form 337 Major Repair and Alteration
  • A.C. 39-7C - Airworthiness Directives
  • A.C. 20-109A Service Difficult Reporting Program

Also includes sample study questions for each chapter and a final textbook exam with answers provided in the back of the book.

Softcover, Fourth Edition 130 pages.

Old Jeppesen Number: JS312697
New Jeppesen Number: 10001932
ISBN: 9780884873198

Price: $34.95
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