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One Six Right - Soundtrack

If you saw the movie, the scenes of graceful flying most likely left you speechless. It didn't hurt when Brian Terwillinger provided an equally romancing soundtrack to go with those scenes.

Enjoy this incredibly soothing sweeping orchestral score from the motion picture on the One Six Right Soundtrack. This music will capture your heart as much as the actual scenes and will always have meaning even when hearing the music alone.

The CD includes a total of 24 tracks and over 65 minutes of music. In addition to the score, there are 5 tracks of classical guitar, 10 tracks of period jazz and 1 bonus track.

Enjoy the opening scene and One-Six-Right theme in this video.

Track Listing:
1. One Six Right Theme (Nathan Wang)
2. Deams of Flying (Freddy Clarke)
3. Meet Van Nuys Airport (Nathan Wang)
4. Look Ma - No Hands! (Nathan Wang/Freddy Clarke)
5. This is a Love Story (Nathan Wang)
6. The Original Vision (Nathan Wang)
7. Dedication Day
8. World Record Flights
9. Bombing Practice
10. The Joyride
11. Glory Days
12. Skytrails
13. Boomerang
14. World Capital of GA
15. Pregnant Guppy
16. A New Era (Freddy Clarke)
17. Golden Hour (Freddy Clarke)
18. Meigs Field (Nathan Wang)
19. The Future of Aviation (Nathan Wang)
20. One Six Right Theme Reprise (Nathan Wang)
21. End Credits (Nathan Wang)
22. One Six Right Theme (Freddy Clarke)
23. End Credits (Nathan Wang)
24. Flight (Mark Mosher)
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