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Plane Spotter - Military Aircraft

Celebrate 107 years of powered flight with the world's finest aircraft identification guides. The PLANE SPOTTER is a beautiful, high quality guide that is written and illustrated specially to make the thrill of aviation available to everyone. The PLANE SPOTTER is available in two exciting versions.

Plane Spotter - Austin Flight Check

Remember when a trip to the airport was a special event? Bring that sense of excitement and discovery back to air travel! The US MILITARY AIRCRAFT PLANE SPOTTER is loaded with information and provides hours of educational fun for air travelers and aviation enthusiasts of all ages, from the youngster on her first flight to the seasoned road warrior.

Features include:
-Twelve panel fold-out design.
-Exciting full color graphics.
-Relative sizes chart.
-Specs detailing branch, manufacturer, speed, range,and ceiling.
-Dozens of tips for spotting most combat aircraft.
-Definitions panel for all that technical lingo.
-Photo gallery of remarkable flight operations.

The PLANE SPOTTER is the creation of Caryn, a graphic designer, and her husband Ford, an airline pilot. It started as a simple sketch on a long layover and rapidly got out of control. The rest is history!

Click here for the passenger airliner version!

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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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