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Speaking of Flying - Aviation Speaker's Bureau

This wonderful 438 page book was written by 44 pilots who are keynote and aviation speakers with The Aviation Speakers Bureau.

These funny, dramatic, and inspiring stories are some of aviation's finest tales told by our aviation speakers. You would expect nothing less from aviation's celebrities, experts, speakers and specialists. Our flight plan sees us barnstorming in the U.S., flying aerial combat missions in World War II and Vietnam, test piloting new aircraft, performing air rescue, winging to exotic places, and flying to historically important aviation places from Kitty Hawk to the moon. You will go along as history is being made and hear the pilot's perspective on some of these aviation firsts. You will find ACES and true heroes within these pages.

Speaking of Flying is your ticket to adventure. Step aboard, and be prepared to laugh, cry, and feel the excitement.

One of aviation's greatest traditions is speaking about flying, a tradition that continues in Speaking of Flying. Represented in this collection of recollections are some of aviation's most notable participants: Scott Crossfield, Julie Clark, Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, Al Haynes, Cliff Robertson, Barry Schiff, Bill Cox, Bob Gilliland, Burt Rutan, John Nance, Col. Bob Morgan, Shanda Lear and Bill Lishman, to name a few.

Imagine inviting 44 of aviation's celebrity speakers and experts to the ultimate hangar flying session. Then record (in print) all of the unique stories, lace them with more than 200 pictures providing windows into aviation's past.

Brig. Gen. Stephen Ritchie tells a compelling story as he writes of watching a fellow pilot being shot down over Vietnam. Many reconnaissance flights to the area produced no sign of a surviving pilot until Day 22, when Ritchie describes the emotion of hearing his downed comrade say, "Any U.S. aircraft, this is Oyster-Zero-Bravo, Over," and the remarkable rescue operation set in motion by that radio call.

Bill Rheams recounts how General Jimmy Doolittle then retired) took the co-pilot's seat of his C-54 and humorously handled a gruff, overzealous Air Force instructor in another plane. Dick Rutan, who made aviation history flying nonstop around the world, tells us how he used the F-100's sonic boom capability to get a little attention a little too much attention, that is.

In Speaking of Flying, our keynote speakers tell exciting true stories, tales of wartime heroism, selfless sacrifice and recollections of some of flying's funnier incidents. Each of the 44 authors is also a professional speaker and keynote speaker. Their stories have been gathered over a period of more than seven years by Diane Titterington, who heads The Aviation Speakers Bureau, publisher of Speaking of Flying.

Forty-Four Past and Current Authors and Professional Speakers:

Pete Agur
Doc Blakely
Gordon Bowman-Jones
Major Dee Brasseur (ret.)
Pete Campbell
Michael Maya Charles
Julie Clark
Dr. Jerry Cockrell
Jerry Coffee
Danny Cox
Bill Cox
Scott Crossfield
Ken Dravis
Dean Engelhardt
Cathe Fish

Wally Funk
Betty Geiger-Darst
Bob Gilliland
Mark Grady
Col. Rich Graham (ret.)
Dave Gwinn
Chas Harral
Al Haynes
Ralph Hood
Kent Jackson
James Johnson
Karen Kahn
Shanda Lear
Rod Lewin

Bill Lishman
Rod Machado
Col. Bob Morgan (ret.)
Danny Mortensen
John Nance
Patrick O'Dooley
Brig. General Robin Olds (ret.)
Bill Rheams
Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie (ret.)
Cliff Robertson
Burt Rutan
Dick Rutan
Barry Schiff
Jim Slade
Rich Stowell.

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