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Logging Flight Time

A collection of mostly published, some unpublished, articles written by famed aviatior Bill Kershner during his more than fifty years of flying. In these stories, Kershner details some of the more humorous, humiliating and helpful things he has seen and readers are sure to find them amusing and entertaining. Those who are pilots themselves may find some incidents all too familiar.

Mostly chronological, these stories begin with Kershner's first flying experiences, through his career as a Navy fight pilot and then on to the later years as a corporate pilot and instructor. From the time of his childhood, Kershner has enjoyed drawing airplanes and the illustrations in this book reflect his sense of humor.

Softcover, illustrated, 6" x 9", 250 pages.

Bill Kershner was FAA/General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year in 1992 and named Elder Statesman of Aviation in 1997. He was inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame in 1998. His son, William C. Kershner, was soloed by his father and holds Flight Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot certificates. He has flown 22 types of airplanes in his over 10,000 hours of flight time, ranging from Cessna 150s to Boeing 777s.

Bill Kershner left us to go West in 2007 but his legacy remains with continued publishing of his books. Bill founded Ace Aerobatic School in Sewanee, Tennessee in 1969. He was known as the "Spin Doctor" for his interest in spins, having logged more than 8,000 spins totaling some 35,000 turns; Kershner only counted spins of at least three turns and didn't record spins at all during his first 24 years of flying.

He was the national General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year in 1992. At his Ace Aerobatic School, Kershner provided spin recovery and aerobatic training to hundreds of pilots, and he continued to teach ground school into late December 2006.

"He had a soft spot in his heart for student pilots and CFIs," as said by Bruce Landsberg of AOPA's Air Safety Foundation. "Being an engineer at heart, he would step up to the blackboard and start doing equations to explain some aerodynamic truth. When pressed to put it in English so that a dumb pilot (me) could understand it, he always could."

Flight instructor Catherine Cavagnaro, whom Kershner mentored into aerobatic instruction, continues to operate Ace Aerobatic School. Cavagnaro purchased a Cessna 152 Aerobat nearly identical to Kershner's which she named Wilbur. Kersher's veteran Aerobat, Orville, is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum. Click here to see an AOPA multimedia presentation and hear Kershner reflect on his more than 60 years of flying.

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