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Private Pilot Flight Maneuvers by Brad Deines

The manual breaks down each maneuver required on the Private Practical Test in six parts:

  • -FAA objective for the maneuver
  • -FAA completion standards
  • -General description of the maneuver
  • -Detailed step by step textual description on how to execute the maneuver as recommended by the FAA
  • -References to FAA publications where the information was compiled from
  • -Detailed graphic profiles summarizing the procedure in a visual format

Also included are airspeeds, pitch attitudes, bank angles, power settings and configurations for a Cessna 172P plus room to add the same information for up to three additional aircraft.

  • -Benefits of this manual over other flight maneuver manuals:
  • -Certified Flight Instructors can use this teaching aid as an excellent resource for preflight briefings
  • -Several flight schools use this manual as a standardization tool for all their instructors and students
  • -There is no other source that details the Private Pilot Maneuvers like this book
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