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Rod Machado's Defensive Flying on DVD

A humorous, fast paced and thought-provoking seminar recorded live before 300 pilots.

Defensive Flying is aviation humorist Rod Machado's guide to staying alive in an airplane. In this entertaining and educational video presentation, Rod discusses how to learn from other people's mistakes.

Learn some of the defensive secrets that have kept pilots from falling victim to aviation's natural predators and enemies. Tom Wolfeメs book, The Right Stuff, portrayed individuals having superior survival skill. The "Right Stuff," as it is known, is made up of a strategic method of thinking. These thought patterns are presented to help pilots make each flight with confidence and safety. As the Chinese General Sun Tzu once said, "Invincibility lies in the defense." Statistics reflect how many aviation accidents could be avoided if pilots would think defensively.

Learn about acknowledging your own limitations, about little known psychological predators that should concern every pilot, thinking ahead in the airplane, as well as never underestimating aerial enemies. Listen to an actual, hair-raising, in-flight emergency as two professional pilots exercise some very important defensive flying skills. This presentation contains many new stories and humor.

DVD, 105 minutes.

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