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The Bob Hoover Aerial Suite (DVD)

With over a half century of flying in every type of aircraft, Bob Hoover is most recognizable for thrilling and beautiful performances in his Shrike Aero Commander and yellow P-51 Mustang. With Hoover's retirement from the air show circuit, this is one of the few sources to see why he has earned the undisputed title of "the pilot's pilot."

Now watch Hoover on video doing what he does best. Experience his show from new perspectives as you go from outside the cockpit of the Shrike Commander to inside. You get the rare opportunity to see parts of his performance from inside the Shrike as well as the traditional views of the Shrike and the P-51 as he rolls, loops, performs his famous Tennessee Waltz, and cuts one engine or both through many of these exciting maneuvers.

Bob Hoover

Performing to a background of classical music, Hoover proves that flying can be artistry in motion. It is a flying video unlike any other, and one you'll enjoy for years to come. "The Bob Hoover Aerial Suite" - destined to become a favorite of your video collection.

"...the Shrike is photographed from inside and outside the airplane and shows Hoover at home in his "office." A segment that intercuts maneuvers in the P-51 with similar ones in the Shrike proves once again that flying, Hoover style, is poetry in motion."Flying Magazine

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