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Product Code SAP-4
Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications - 5th Edition
This book takes you through the airspace system using typical examples of radio transmissions to help increase your comfort level when using the mic.
List Price: $19.95
Product Code COMM-VFR
Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy - VFR
Talk like a pro, using templates that function as a script for your VFR flights.
by Dale DeRemer
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-ESAP
Communications Trainer: Say Again, Please Software

VFR and IFR operations, towered and nontowered airports, enroute flight, and emergency situations.

by Bob Gardner

List Price: $49.95
Product Code ASA-ATC-WX
ATC and Weather: Mastering the Systems
In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage.
by Richard Collins
List Price: $19.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Regularly: $59.95


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