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Product Code 9780071763059
Commercial Aviation Safety - 5th Edition
A look at different safety aspects of commercial aviation.
List Price: $55.00
Product Code 9780071626965
Understanding Flight
Master an understanding of aerodynamics.
by David Anderson & Scott Eberhardt
List Price: $34.95
Product Code 9780071577243
Learning to Fly Helicopters
This information-packed guide covers virtually everything you need to know to become a safe and efficient helicopter pilot.
by Randall Padfield
List Price: $24.95
Product Code 9780071494885
Basic Flight Physiology
This readable, updated textbook by a flight surgeon comprehensively covers the factors that affect ``medical airworthiness.''
List Price: $59.95
Product Code 9780071488303
Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots
An analysis of all aspects of helicopter accidents, including flight basics, engineering, meteorology, flight training, and human factors. A MUST READ for the serious helo pilot!
by Greg Whyte
List Price: $39.95
Product Code 9780071485531
Professional Pilot's Career Guide
A cutting-edge resource for today's pilots seeking a professional career!
by Robert Mark
List Price: $24.95
Product Code 9780071477208
The Aviator's Guide to Navigation
Improve Your Piloting Skills with Today's Best Navigation Guideラ Now Updated with the Latest Cockpit Technology and Tools!
by Donald Clausing
List Price: $36.95
Product Code 9780071459730
Kit Airplane Construction
More than a how-to, Kit Airplane Construction is also a why-to. In this unbiased look at every aspect of the kitplane process, award-winning aviation writer Ron Wanttaja covers everything from cost comparisons with certified used aircraft to drilling all those holes for the rivets.
by Ron Wanttaja
List Price: $41.95
Product Code 9780071454278
Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Used Airplanes
The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Used Airplanes does far more than help you get the right plane at the right price. This book shows you how to figure the complete costs (and potential profits) of airplane ownership. And it provides help with every step, from sizing up planes, to doing the deal, to post-purchase priorities.
by Bill Clarke
List Price: $44.95
Product Code 9780071422512
Aviation Maintenance Management
A tool for building an effective maintenance program.
by Harry Kinnison
List Price: $62.95
Product Code 9780071421393
Multi-Engine Flying - 3rd Edition
This is a complete guide to multiengine flying, from the first time a pilot transitions into a two-engine airplane through advanced ratings.
by Paul Craig
List Price: $44.95
Product Code 9780071412278
Business and Corporate Aviation Management
Choosing the best flight method for your company and making it work.
by John J Sheehan
List Price: $54.95
Product Code 9780071410533
Flying the Mountains
A Training Manual for Flying Single-Engine Aircraft
Piloting aircraft above mountainous regions demands more than a thirst for adventure.
br Fletcher Anderson
List Price: $32.95
Product Code 9780071396097
Ace the Technical Pilot Interview
A comprehensive study guide providing pilots the answers they need to excel on their technical interview.
List Price: $29.95
Product Code 9780071362696
The Killing Zone: How & Why Pilots Die
Survive the dangers that lurk in the killing zone.
by Paul A Craig
List Price: $31.95
Product Code 9780070633452
Instrument Flying  - 4th Edition
Everything about flying IFR; handling emergencies, filing flight plans, understanding IFR communications, navigating, and flying more efficiently.
by Richard Taylor
List Price: $29.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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