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Product Code ASA-RISK
Managing Risk: Best Practices for Pilots
Explore the 10 most significant accident threat categories and learn the best practices in dealing with them.
by Dale Wilson and Gerald Binnema
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-PR-ELEC
ASA Practical Electricity for Aviation Maintenance Technicians

For the student, for those seeking an instruction to aviation electricity and the experienced mechanic increasing their knowledge of electricity and electrical systems.

List Price: $54.95
Product Code ASA-PIC-2
ASA Pilots in Command: Your Best Trip, Every Trip
Solid advice from real pilots to student and professional aviators alike about how to be true leaders.
by Kristofer Pierson
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-OEG-BFR7
ASA Guide to the Flight Review - 7th Edition
Complete preparation for issuing or taking a flight review, including both the ground and flight requirements.
List Price: $12.95
Product Code ASA-NTC
Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying
Useful not only to the beginner first making the transition, but also to pilots or instructors already flying tailwheel airplanes.
by Burke Mees
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-MIDALT
An Aviator's Field Guide to Middle-Altitude Flying by Jason Blair

Jason addresses the challenges and concerns when operating at altitudes approaching or in the lower flight levels.

List Price: $12.95
Product Code ASA-MHB-7
ASA Aviation Mechanic Handbook - 7th Edition

Handy toolbox-size reference for professionals and hobbyists. Provides conversions, formulas, densities, solid state electronics, and more.

List Price: $16.95
Product Code ASA-HUMAN
Human Factors: Enhancing Pilot Performance by ASA

This book provides best-practice countermeasures designed to help pilots minimize their influence on their flight performance.

List Price: $79.95
Product Code ASA-GYF
The Golden Years of Flying: As We Remember by Captain Tex Searle

DC-3 pilots share their tales of a remarkable era of aviation and the early airlines, while flying for Frontier from 1946–1986.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-FM-AERO-2
The Basic Aerobatic Book - Second Edition
The standard reference for flyers learning aerobatics. Introduces aerobatic maneuvers in order of difficulty.
By Bill Kershner
Edited by William C Kershner
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-FLY-IFR-5
Flying IFR - 5th Edition
This book provides invaluable discussion on instrument airmanship, weather analysis, flight planning and decision making, handling equipment glitches, partial-panel flying, and much more.
by Richard Collins
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-ESAP
Communications Trainer: Say Again, Please Software

VFR and IFR operations, towered and nontowered airports, enroute flight, and emergency situations.

by Bob Gardner

List Price: $49.95
Product Code ASA-CUG-14
FAA Chart Users Guide - 14th Edition

The definitive FAA reference for understanding how to read and interpret all aviation charts.

List Price: $16.95
Product Code ASA-COMP-101
A Comprehensive Guide to Composites by Kevin Fochtman

An insider’s viewpoint on the tips and techniques used by the pros to fabricate advanced composite parts.

List Price: $29.95
Product Code ASA-CKLIST-7
Checklist for Success (Book)

A pilot's guide to the successful airline interview - career guidance from application through to the interview.

by Cheryl Cage

List Price: $29.95
Product Code ASA-CKL-CD
Checklist for Success - Virtual Interview Preparation (CD)

A pilot's guide to the successful airline interview – see and hear examples of both good and bad interview scenarios.

by Cheryl Cage

List Price: $19.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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