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Product Code ASA-BFT
Beyond Flight Training by LeRoy Cook

Adventures and opportunities for the newly certificated pilot.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-ATP-INT-3
Airline Pilot Technical Interviews Third Edition
A study guide to instill confidence for a successful airline checkride and technical interview.
by Ronald McElroy
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-ATC-WX
ATC and Weather: Mastering the Systems
In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage.
by Richard Collins
List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-AIR-CR3
Air Carrier Operations - ASA-AIR-CR3

Examines Federal Aviation Regulations governing air carrier operations.

List Price: $49.95
Product Code ASA-ACSYS-P
ASA Aircraft Systems for Pilots

Single-source manual of what pilots should know about basic aircraft systems. Previously published by Jeppesen.

List Price: $39.95
Product Code ASA-ACS-8
ASA Airman Certification Standards: Instrument Rating (Airplane)
The Airman Certification Standards is the guide for students, instructors, and FAA-designated examiners to know what applicants must know, do, and consider for their FAA Knowledge Exam and practical (checkride) to earn their pilot certificate or rating.
List Price: $9.95
Product Code ASA-ACC-REV
A Pilot's Accident Review by ASA

An in-depth look at high-profile accidents that shaped aviation rules and procedures.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-AC43.13-1B2B
ASA FAA Aircraft Inspection, Repair and Alterations

Details the standards for acceptable methods, techniques and practices for inspection, repair and alteration of aircraft. Includes Parts 1B & 2B and the latest changes for each

FAA Advisory Circulars 43.13-1B and 43.13-2B, Reprint by ASA

List Price: $24.95
Product Code ASA-8083-IFR-A
Combination Pack: Instrument Flying Handbook and Instrument Procedures Handbook

Instrument Flying Handbook (8083-15A) and Instrument Procedures Handbook (8083-16) packaged together for greater savings.

Reprint by ASA.

List Price: $49.95
Product Code ASA-8083-9B
FAA Aviation Instructor's Handbook - 8083-9B

FAA official handbook (FAA-H-8083-9B), a comprehensive resource to prepare for the Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) Knowledge Exam.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-8083-6
FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook

The FAA's guide to help you master todayメs sophisticated cockpits.

FAA-H-8083-6,Reprint by ASA.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-8083-3A-25A
Combination Pack: Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Airplane Flying Handbook

Airplane Flying Handbook (8083-3A) and Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (8083-25A) packaged together for greater savings!

Reprint by ASA.

List Price: $39.95
Product Code ASA-8083-3A
FAA Airplane Flying Handbook

Includes all of the information required by the FAA for in-flight operations. A "must" for all pilots.

FAA-H-8083-3A, Reprint by ASA.

List Price: $19.95
Product Code ASA-8083-30A
FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook: General

FAA handbook provides knowledge for earning the Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate, General section.

Product Code ASA-8083-1A
FAA Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook

Helpful information on weight and balance for pilots, flight engineers, and aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs)

FAA-H-8083-1A, Reprint by ASA

List Price: $9.95
Product Code ASA-8083-15B
FAA Instrument Flying Handbook

FAA-H-8083-15B reprint. Primary reference text for the Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge Exam.

Reprint by ASA

List Price: $24.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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