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Dupont Sontara Aircraft Window Wipes - Pack of 25 Wipes

Designed specifically for aerospace!

When it comes to the aerospace and transportation industries, DuPont® Sontara™ products were made for the perfectionist.

DuPont® Sontara™ Aerospace Grade Wipes meet the tough specifications required for this industry. Our Sontara™ Window Wipes and Sontara™ Aerospace Grade Wipes are exceptionally clean, leaving no binders, metal particles, or rag marks that can streak windshields and scratch surfaces, leading to costly re-working.

DuPont® Sontara™ wipes are specially engineered for aviation manufacturing and maintenance. Uses include:

  • Surface preparation before coating, sealant, or adhesive application
  • Weapon systems maintenance
  • Laboratories and production areas
  • Aerospace vehicle production
  • Composites manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment maintenance

For cleaning applications where Aerospace Grade Wipes and Window Wipes are not needed, DuPont® Sontara™ EC Wipes and DuPont® Sontara™ Multipurpose Shop Towels can handle the job.

Soft and porous to be gentle on windows
-- Proprietary fabric composition is softer than conventional wipes
-- Features apertures that gently pick up and remove dirt to reduce risk of scratching
-- Contains no additives that can hamper absorbency

Clean and low-linting
-- Exceptionally clean - contains no added chemicals or binders
-- Manufactured in a unique process that creates a strong, low-linting fabric
-- Specially designed to resist snagging and fraying

Application versatility
-- Cockpit transparencies
-- Passenger windows (cleans both interior and exterior surfaces)
-- Other acrylic, polycarbonate or glass surfaces onboard aircraft

DuPont® Sontara™ Window Wipes are specifically qualified by Boeing under D6-49427 specification list for use during window assembly.

12" x 12" - Package of 25.

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