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FuelHawk Fuel Gauge

As I tell my students... "There are only two points where fuel gauges can be assuredly accurate... when the tanks are full and when they're empty."

J-Air Fuelhawk fuel sticks are designed to let you visually measure fuel in the tank. Fuel exhaustion is a leading cause of general aviation accidents. Don't let your students or customers be a victim. Know how much fuel is in the tank with a J-Air Fuelhawk Gauge. Even if you don't own your own aircraft, but routinely rent the same aircraft, having a Fuelhawk fuel gauge in your flight bag is one more measure of safety you can provide yourself and your passengers. Throw out your wooden dipsticks, and upgrade to a more accurate, reliable method of determining the fuel quantity in your tanks. This fuel gauge is ideal for when the pilot must take a less-than-full fuel load due to weight considerations or measuring how much is really in the tank.

Made of heavy, clear plastic and easy to use. Simply insert "Fuel Hawk" until it touches the bottom of the tank. Then place your finger firmly over the top of the opening to lock fuel in the tube. Remove and instantly see a readout in U.S. gallons of usable fuel on a calibrated scale card. (For use in both main and auxiliary tanks.)

Choose from one of eight available models:

  • Cessna 152 with 12 Gallon
  • Cessna 172 with 19 Gallon
  • Cessna 172 with 26 Gallon
  • Cessna 182 with 39 Gallon
  • Cessna 182 with 43 Gallon
  • 11" Universal XL Fuel Gauge
  • 16" Universal XL Fuel Gauge
  • 26" Universal XL Fuel Gauge - An ideal replacement for the wooden dowel used with the Diamond DA-20!

Instructions for when using the Universal Fuelhawk tubes:

When setting up the universal gauges for the applicable fuel tank, the best method is to start with a completely empty tank. Add fuel in five-gallon increments until reaching the bottom of the stick when resting at the tank bottom immediately below the fuel port. Record that amount. Continue adding in five-gallon increments and record the amount and corresponding number on the Universal Fuelhawk. When the tank is full you will have a scale to then permently mark the Fuelhawk tube.

Make small marks on the Fuelhawk tube then using a small, triangle file notch the tube so that point is permanently marked. Color in the notch with a black or red Sharpie to easily see the point along the tube after being dipped into the tank.

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