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The Original Fuel Stop

Never lose a plastic fuel straw gauge again!

The Fuel Stop is a simple tool that snaps onto a standard straw fuel gauge and prevents the gauge from ever slipping into the tank.

The Fuel Stop works with FuelHawk or any other 1/2" diameter fuel gauge tube.

Have you ever lost a plastic fuel gauge when checking the available fuel in your aircraft? Has it slipped into the tank? Rolled off the wing and then disappeared onto the ground? These are very common occurrences that most pilots don't brag about, but it happens all the time. The Fuel Stop has talked to mechanics that routinely pull them out of aircraft gas tanks. So why take a chance? The Fuel Stop is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy.

Just snap it on and relax. The Fuel Stop also acts as a grip to make handling and checking fuel easier. It's also shaped like a set of pilot's wings that, when installed, makes finding the gauge in the aircraft seat back pocket or your flight bag easy.

Add one to your pilot bag of tricks today!

Works with these FuelHawk models:

  • Cessna 152 12 Gallon
  • Cessna 172 19 Gallon
  • Cessna 172 26 Gallon
  • Cessna 182 39 Gallon
  • Cessna 182 42 Gallon
  • Universal Fuel Gauge
  • Universal XL Fuel Gauge
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Price: $6.95
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