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Into the Wind - The Sport of Powered Paragliding

"Into the Wind takes paragliding to a new level."

A commercial documentary about the growing sport of powered paragliding has wrappedup filming on locations in Texas, Mexico, Florida, and Colorado. Into the Wind, the brainchild of Texas independent filmmaker Chris Page, started filming in December 2004. The film follows two novice pilots -- a man and a woman -- from their training through first solo flights and beyond, as they endeavor to master the extreme sport that began in the late 1980s. Post-production and final edit of the film is anticipated to be complete in January 2006.

Powered paragliding (also called paramotoring) is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a small motor on his or her back and runs into the air with lift from a paraglider wing. This recreational and competitive sport has been described as a hybrid of hang gliding and parachuting. The United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) estimates that paragliding is safer than flying in small planes or riding motorcycles.

Into the Wind is a documentary that follows two new pilots from their introduction to the sport through the triumph of flying solo and beyond. Ken and Camilyn both enter the exciting sport of powered paragliding with eagerness and some trepidation. The documentary follows them on their journey to become pilots in this emerging sport. The film also documents several flights at beautiful, scenic locations in Mexico, Texas, Florida and Colorado. Here you
will see Chris, along with other seasoned and adventurous pilots share the thrill of flying, free as a bird, through awesome footage from the air and from the ground.

After each travel segment, the movie returns to Ken and Camilyn capturing their frustrations and ultimate triumphs. The film also portrays the antics, adventures and mishaps that occur along the way. Reality, action / adventure, travel and surreal cinematography from the air makes "Into the Wind" a movie that all audiences will enjoy.

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